sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2009

Without name

The bleachers’s life are crowded
Acclaimed for a winner.
Always waiting for someone to appear
To be applauded.
Waiting for a hero,
Bringing hopes and better things
But why wait so?
If you are tired of knowing
That power corrupts?
We are able to do everything ourselves.
The hope is ephemeral
And heroes are paltry mortals
Like any other human being.
Be your own hero
And applaud yourself!

By - Juliana Bizarria

Escrito em "ingreis" especialmente para minhas alunas Cassia AND Larisa traduzirem, BUT sem usarem ferramentas do google OK?? huhUAhUHaua
ps: Isso deve tá cheio de erros mas relevem, afinal dizem q é com os erros q a gente aprende hUAhUahuHauhuahUahuA

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